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Joe Robertson, who has built more than 50 bars in Newcastle, Leeds, Cardiff and London, also conceived a number of exceptional concepts during the 80′s and 90′s. Each unit had its own conceptual approach and market segment.


During 1982 Joe Robertson of Newcastle acquired a ground lease over derelict premises to the rear of the Civic Centre at Hancock Street.

In partnership with the City of Newcastle Joe acquired the transfer of a liquor license from premises which had previously ceased trading. With considerable inward investment the magnificent Sloanes Bar was created. With its south facing terrace and being substantially glazed provided an ideal location for day time and evening trade encompassing a substantial dining experience.

During this period other public houses developed by Joe Robertson included Legends on Grey Street, Newcastle.

Sloanes Garden area at night
Sloanes seating area with plants and flowers on tables
Sloanes open bar area
Sloanes beer garden at night
Sloanes internal bar area
Sloanes bar area at night
Sloanes bar seating area