joe robertson competition on tyneside
Joe Robertson Media Archive

DETERMINED to see Newcastle compete more effectively with Gateshead in the provision of new leisure attractions, millionaire Tyneside entrepreneur Joe Robertson is seeking planning permission for a major scheme to revitalise the Manors area to the south-east of the city centre.

It Is Increasingly clear that developer John Hall’s MetroCentre project is proving a tremendous asset to Gateshead, and Mr Robertson, who has made his name and fortune by providing Tyneside’s young people with the kind of nightspots they needed, wants to see a multi-screen cinema, roller-skating rink, a new car park and other facilities flourishing on long-unexploited sites belonging to the City and to British Rail.

There can be no denying the need for new city attractions and the jobs they will provide. Putting them in the heart of the urban area, where other projects have failed to mature ‚and convenveniently over a Metro station, such a development could prove a boon for families and generate new revenue for the city How heartening it la that these new ideas come from the North-East’s own people who know and understand the region’s needs.