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Fan-Tastic Response

Newcastle United fans have backed businessman John Hall’s plans for a share issue at the club by, so far, pledging an amazing £400,000 to the scheme.
Many die-hard supporters voiced their agreement with Mr Hall’s dream of injecting new money and a new spirit into The Magpies and now they have put their money where their mouths are.
After only a week, 2,145 fans have filled in the pledge coupons from the Evening Chronicle and their cash has totalled £404,740, ranging in size from a £10 minimum to a staggering £20,000.
Mr Hall, the millionaire behind the Gateshead MetroCentre complex, wants to smash the power of the present board at St James’s Park. He wants to see a rights issue of 500,000 £10 shares and is prepared to put up £500,000 of his own cash to usher in a new era at the club.
Top North-East businessmen and personalities, such as wine bar tycoon Joe Robertson and comedian Bobby Pattinson, have also pledged £250,000 each for the proposed boardroom revolution and the club’s former sponsors, Newcastle Breweries, have backed Mr Hall’s plans in principle.
Mr Hall today described the £400,000 figures as tremendous and added, “it has proved what we said that the supporters want to invest in the club. It is unbelievable.
“We have proved the money is there from the grass-roots support. This proves it to the board. Now, will they take account of it?”
And Bobby Pattinson also hailed the response as “marvellous”.
“For the past 45 years, it is the board. One of the problems is that Newcastle United don’t own their own ground so they can’t get a large overdraft.”
There is still plenty of time for the rest of the United fans to let us know if they are willing to back John Hall’s radical plans and how much they can pledge in cash.