Joe Robertson Late Licence Bid News Article

Millionaire bids for late licence

A millionaire businessman’s bid to open a riverside nightspot will be considered by Newcastle’s licensing bosses on Friday.

But police are still objecting to the proposal by former pop group manager Joe Robertson.

Mr Robertson who last month signed a £6m merger deal for his city pub and wine bar firm, has planning permission to convert the former Quayside Fish Market into an hotel, bar and restaurant.

Police protested to the entertainments licensing sub-committee that when magistrates issued a liquor licence for the premises they specifically excluded dancing or late night drinking.

The application for late night public entertainments licence, administered by the City Council, was adjourned last month at Mr Robertson’s request.

Then he said he asked magistrates to impose restrictions on the liquor licence to reassure business rivals.

But he said since then planning approvals had been granted for two other hotels in the area.

Today Mr. Robertson said he would be attending the licensing sub-committee meeting.