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Upmarket Newcastle bar

The millionaire pub boss behind Newcastle’s party city image is returning to Tyneside with an upmarket bar and restaurant.

Joe Robertson of Newcastle and Monaco was famed as the man who brought cheap drinks to Newcastle.

Now multi-millionaire Mr Roberston, known as Champagne Joe, has had a licence approved for two new bars on Grey Street.

But in what is thought to be a UK first, council legal chiefs have ordered him to introduce a minimum alcohol price in his new venues as civic leaders try to move away from the Geordie Shore image they believe is damaging Newcastle.

As part of a wider crackdown, Joe Roberston will have to ensure customers pay a minimum of £1.25 per unit of alcohol at both Decantus and the Grey Street Cafe Bar and Grill.

The drinks orders mean Newcastle will be ensuring this and future bars charge nearly three times the 45p per unit price the Government wants to push through.

It means a pint of strong lager would have to be sold for a minimum of £3.50.

For Joe Roberston this will mark a move away from the type of ‘cheap and plentiful’ drinking establishments which made his name.

The bar tycoon is known to be behind London Restaurants (Grey Street), which successfully applied for the new licence. The barrister representing the firm, James Rankin, said the company was grateful for help from Newcastle Council.